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About us

Exodus-CUR is a UK based company that aims to incite sustainable change with the projects that we pursue. Projects may vary but our commitment will not! We aim to provide all clients with the best service, accessible and transparent, whilst empowering the communities we work with one project at a time.

What We Do

We are entrepreneurs/visionaries working with a skilled team of professionals to deliver successful portfolio management. Our aim is to balance execution of inspired changes, and initiatives, with the up keep of day to day business whilst optimising the return on investment.

Our Vision/Mandate

By the grace of God, we hope to create a service that shares our thoughts, celebrates our achievements, and gives a platform to flourishing creativity whilst providing our portfolio management service. Right now, our main focus is the gondola cable car system we wish to establish in Curaçao hench our chosen imagery for the website. Our fledgeling company still has a way to go but we hope our website virtually takes you on an experience whereby you may understand our vision we envision meeting all the needs of those who aspire to work with us.

Our Services

The 3S system has two fixed, fully locked track ropes on which the carrier travels and a circulating haul rope which is clamped to the 8-wheel carriages. This detachable continuous movement system offers top performance and reliability. It has cabins for up to 38 passengers and maintains top ride comfort even in extreme weather conditions. Very high wind stability, low energy consumption and the capability to cope with very long rope spans are the unmistakable strengths of 3S ropeways.

The detachable gondola lift ranks as one of the most successful ropeway systems in the world. It features cabins to take four to 15 passengers and is used to transport winter sports enthusiasts up snow-covered mountains in the most popular ski resorts, helps to boost summer tourism and also blends in perfectly with the cityscape when employed in urban transport projects. Travelling on a detachable gondola lift is safe, comfortable and fast. Modern design, innovative safety components and top-grade structural steelwork ensure a successful combination of aesthetics, utmost safety and optimal added value. The panoramic windows allow a unique, all-round view – and create the sensation of being immersed in nature.

Summary of the Research

The purpose of the study is to investigate the usage of cable transportation systems. Ideally, experimental research plays an intrinsic role in providing an alternative to enhancing tourism and reducing traffic. Gondolas have passenger lifts that help in the transportation of people from one terminal to the other. They always vary, and the fact that they travel by air makes them not experience traffic hence doing things in good time. The other subtype of a gondola is the ropeway conveyor. This type of gondola is meant for the transportation of goods as opposed to the passenger lift that carries people. These gondolas can do many things in such a short time as opposed to the normal cars whose speed can be affected by traffic hence a slowdown in the time used to perform tasks. These gondolas can transport as many as 3000 people per hour, depending on the frequency rate.

The research intends to use both qualitative and quantitative methods in collecting data, but the quantitative method is the best fitting since it is the best method to be used when collecting data from a big population. For the qualitative research date methods, interviews best fit though it seems time-consuming, it produces valuable results. The advantage of this type of research is that it allows the researcher to get a wide range of data and allows the researcher to get deep into the research.

The research seems not very costly from the schedule since all that will require finances include purchasing two reams of photocopying papers and transport allowance to manoeuvre around Curacao, which happens to be the research area. This is advantageous as the research will be carried out without any hindrance and financial risks.

Mobility is not only about accessibility for everyone but also providing broad environmental and economic benefits. As many people and companies in developed and developing countries are developing environmentally friendly and sustainable transport systems, cable cars stand as an ecologically and economically effective transport mode. Therefore, it can play a great role in reducing traffic congestion, global warming, and air pollution, which are the problems associated with transportation. The use of solar energy to run cable cables will further lead to cleaner transport. Compared to other sources of energy, solar is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source. Thus this paper highlights the possibility of using solar energy to run cable cars and develops a set of recommendations for addressing problems facing cable cars.

It has demonstrated that it is possible to use solar energy as the electric power source for driving motors used in cable cars. It has also shown the possibility of making cable cars competitive with other modes of transport in urban areas and areas with natural obstacles. Using solar energy to power cable cars, increasing cable car capacity and speed will lead to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation system.

This paper is among the first research papers dealing with the use of solar energy in cable cars. More research should be carried out not only for the benefit of solar but also for solving the other problems faced in cables cars.

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